Foxtel’s software disaster makes the new iQ3 set top box ‘randomly reset’ every hour and viewers are cranky

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Foxtel has had to fix some of the new iQ3 set top boxes launched last week following complaints from customers that they are “unstable”.

The problems included random system resets every hour or so, failure to recognise an internet connection and difficulty recognising any other time but Eastern Standard time.

Foxtel rejected reports that 200,000 of the streaming video recorders were affected. This was the total number of iQ3’s manufactured and not those with issues.

“The hardware is fine but some of the boxes went out without the final version of the software,” a spokesman told Business Insider. This would be fixed, he said.

Director of product at Foxtel, Mike Ivanchenko, told Mumbrella there had been teething problems because some of the boxes had old software.

“It is true that in the first half of last week we did have teething issues activating the new platform nationally, which resulted in some of the initial customers not getting all the features activated or having old software delivered on the devices,” he said.

However, he denied that the boxes had been rushed out to coincide with the launch of US streaming giant Netflix in Australia last week.

Netflix is up against Foxtel and Seven West Media’s Presto, the Nine-Fairfax Media joint venture Stan, plus listed player Quickflix.