Foxtel has signed its own EPL broadcast deal with individual clubs

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After losing the rights to the English Premier League to Optus last year, Foxtel has now signed broadcast agreements with six major clubs to show their own channels.

Optus still has the exclusive rights to live matches, but Foxtel will be able to broadcast its game around 12 hours later. So a match that would have aired at about 3am in Australia live will be able to watch in the afternoon of that same day.

Foxtel will be carrying 24 hour channels supplied by Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, while additional content from Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham will be played on its existing Fox Sports channels.

As part of the deal, all home and away games for the listed clubs will be shown, as well as old games and documentaries. On top of EPL games, it will also allow fans to watch the six clubs play in the FA Cup and League Cup.

All extra channels and games will come at no extra cost to Foxtel’s sports subscribers.

“Our new EPL Club partners are global brands in their own right and have large groups of dedicated supporters in Australia making up more than 75 per cent of the English football fan base here,” Foxtel’s CEO Peter Tonagh said.

The new deal adds to Foxtel’s exisiting European football offerings after it struck a deal with BeIN Sports to add three channels to its regular sports pack which carried the Champions League, Italian Serie A and several other championships.

Foxtel’s announcement comes just days after Optus announced its pricing for the EPL rights it payed close to $200 million for.

On Optus, it’ll cost $15 a month for postpaid mobile and broadband customers, or free for subscribers who spend more than $85 a month on a plan.

EPL fans are furious with forums and social media overflowing with rage. Some say it’s worse than the stranglehold Foxtel has on Game of Thrones, requiring in most cases users to sign up to Optus for at least 24 months.

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