Foxtel Has To Compensate Thousands After A TV Giveaway Was Hugely Oversubscribed

Getty/Dan Kitwood

Cable TV company Foxtel didn’t deliver a bunch of free TVs in time. And now it has to give some of those customers a free one-month free subscription as well.

FOXTEL told customers who signed up for a 12-month plan between February and April last year would get a free TV within 10 days of installation, which for some people didn’t happen.

It said there only 1500 to give away. But it signed up nearly 8,400 people to the promotion.

Getty/ Cameron Spencer

They all got the TV in the end, and now some of them get a month’s worth of free FOXTEL to go with it.

“Businesses must review claims made in advertisements to ensure they remain accurate at all times,” said ACCC commissioner Rob Sims in a statement.

FOXTEL promised not to do it again.

Read the full media release here.

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