A Foxconn executive has apparently said the iPhone 8 ‘won’t be cheap’

IPhone 8 'notch'
An iPhone 8 concept that shows how the top ‘notch’ might look like. Concept Creator/YouTube

Luo Zhongsheng, an executive at Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn, published a (now deleted) comment on Weibo claiming that Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 8” won’t come cheap, 9to5Mac first reported.

The problem lies with the iPhone’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display, which Apple tweaked specifically to accommodate the phone’s new design.

If the rumours — as well as Apple’s own leaked images — are correct, it will feature a so-called “notch” at the top, which places the front sensors in the top centre of the screen and leaves extra space at the sides.

Zhongsheng said the extra work required for this firm would lower the device’s production yield — essentially meaning it will take longer and be more expensive to produce.

“The OLED’s (production) yield is only 60%,” Zhongsheng wrote in his post, confirming recent reports that mentioned the same figure. “Cutting the display into this special shape looks really difficult, and the cost won’t be cheap. I estimate that the iPhone 8 won’t be cheap.”

Weibo iPhone 8 Foxconn exec comment
Luo Zhongsheng’s original comment on Weibo, now deleted. 9to5Mac/Weibo

In addition to Zhongsheng’s comment, some new pictures of what seems to be a copper gold iPhone 8 appeared on Weibo. There’s no way to confirm that these are real, and no iPhone has previously used this colour.

So far, rumours have suggested the iPhone 8 will come in traditional black and white, and possibly a new “mirror-like” finish.

IPhone 8 Copper Gold (Weibo leak)
Pictures showing what could be the copper gold iPhone 8. Weibo