Fox Sports' Katie Nolan rips NFL and New York Giants over latest domestic-violence case, says league's policy is not working

The New York Giants released Josh Brown on Monday, one week after new evidence emerged showing that Brown had admitted in a journal to physically abusing his wife.

The NFL has come under fire for the way it continues to handle domestic-abuse cases involving players. Prior to being released, Brown had been suspended one game, and after the new evidence emerged, he was initially placed on the commissioner’s exempt list as the team repeatedly said they would stick by their kicker.

On Wednesday, Katie Nolan, the host of “Garbage Time” on Fox Sports, ripped both the Giants and the NFL for their handling of the case, noting that Giants coach Ben McAdoo was more critical of Odell Beckham Jr. for abusing a kicking net than he was of Brown.

Nolan criticised the decision to cut Brown and “remove the problem from our line of sight,” a move that many believe will end his NFL career, noting that it “only makes us feel better.” Nolan went on to cite evidence that such moves are actually counter-productive because they can ultimately punish the victims by removing a source of income, making it more likely that victims won’t speak up when they are abused.

Rather, Nolan calls on the NFL to “get serious” about counseling and support for both the players and their families and to make employment for the players contingent on participation in the programs. 

Watch the entire segment here:

.@katienolan‘s take on Josh Brown & domestic violence in the NFL
— Garbage Time (@GarbageTime) October 27, 2016


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