Fox News Journalist Recounts "Severe Beating" And Near Death Experiences In Cairo

Greg Palkt

Photo: Fox News

Yesterday Fox News revealed that two of its journalists in Cairo had been severely beaten and accused of being Israeli spies.Fox journalist Greg Palkt has now given a first person account, in frightening detail, no less than three near-death experiences he had while covering the riots in Cairo.

Seeking refuge from a street battle in an abandoned apartment building, Palkt says he and his crew found a good vantage point to film the protestors — until a Molotov cocktail smashes through the window. They decided make a run for it…

Straight into the pro-government mob. While the Arab members of his crew were able to disappear into the crowd, Palkt and his cameraman, New Zealander Olaf Wiig, were immediately attacked:

They hit us with their open hands, their fists, sticks, bars, rocks, whatever was around, especially aiming at our heads. They grabbed us and punched us. Several dug through my pockets. All the while screaming madly in our faces. But still we pushed on.  

Some more benevolent Egyptians helped the journalists, blocking the crowd while they tried to get on an Army personnel carrier, without any help from the soldiers, at first:

Olaf and I continued to be pummelled by the crowd. His shirt was off, he was writhing and was knocked to the ground twice. I somehow stayed upright but was losing strength fast and the hits were harder. Unable to make it over the high side of the vehicle, I thought Olaf and I were finished. A few more minutes in the crowd and it would have been all over. 

Eventually they managed to switch to an ambulance (with some difficulty) and were delivered to a hospital and treated for their wounds. They were kept more or less under arrest, locked in their rooms with passports taken. Suspected of being spies, they were soon transported to the Ministry of Military security where they were blindfolded and photographed, “as if in a line-up.”

Eventually they were released  Not surprisingly Palkt describes both “revulsion” at the violent and repressive Egyptians, and deep admiration for those who were “good and courageous.”

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