Fox Overestimated "Wolverine" Weekend Total: Only Made $85.1 Million

The actual weekend box-office figures are in, and it seems Fox overestimated the total for Wolverine. The film’s real 3-day gross was only $85.1 million—not $87 million.

These incorrect estimates happen all the time, and it only dings Wolverine‘s total by $2 million. But, in this case, that’s enough to knock the movie down from the second-highest grossing film in the X-Men franchise to the third highest-grossing and deprive it of Fox’s status as the best non-holiday opening weekend. That record now stays with X2, which opened on May 2, 2003 to $85.6 million.

Meanwhile, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past did better than Warner Bros. estimated, making $15.4 million for the weekend, not $15.3 million. The rest of the top 5 remains the same with a few slight tweaks to the actual grosses. Obsessed placed third, with $12.1 million, 17 Again took $6.4 million to land in fourth place and Monsters vs. Aliens took $5.8 million for a fifth place finish.

All box office data from Box Office Mojo

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