Fox: Our Viewers Will Want To Watch TV Online – Someday


Dan Fawcett, head of digital media for News Corp.’s (NWS) Fox Entertainment Group, chats with’s Lou Hau, who’s been making the rounds with the network digital gurus. Highlights: Like his counterparts at NBC and ABC, Fawcett is convinced that viewers will want to watch full episodes of tv shows on their computers. He also thinks they’ll stream them more than they’ll download them, and that they’ll watch them with ads.

But Fox viewers have yet to flock to the Web – or at least to Fox’s site:

Do you have any figures in terms of how many streams you’ve recorded? ABC is saying that it’s had about 140 million streams of its full-length prime-time programming since September of last year.

Ours is significantly less than that. It depends on how you calculate it. I think on the same basis, ours was somewhere around the neighbourhood of 50 million [streams].

What had expectations been?

I wasn’t here at the time. I don’t know what the forecasts or expectations were. We didn’t have it on the site [until earlier this year]. Unlike our ABC, NBC and CBS friends, we didn’t have it on our primary site.

How important do you think repurposed full-length programming is going to be for you online?

I think it’s going to be very important. Certainly short-form has played very well on the broadband platform but I think as part of our NBC venture, we’re going to have a lot of long-form programming available. We think people will watch that when, where and how they want to, whether it’s in the privacy of their bedroom or in their office or on their PC, wherever they may be. Forbes