FOX News Has A Secret 'War Room' And Spies On Its Own Staff*

Fox Charlies Angels

FOX News has a secret “brain room” in its NYC headquarters that carries out “counter intelligence” on the channel’s “enemies” according to a former exec, reports the Telegraph.

They may also have spied on their staff, says another.

Does this sound believable?

Generally speaking the phone-hacking scandal rocking News Corp in Britain has failed to take hold here, and so far none of the bad behaviour rampant in the British tabloids has even been remotely connected to FOX News (questionable hacking segments aside).

But as the scandal continues to grind on in the UK more eyes on this side of the pond are directing themselves at the nation’s most popular cabler.

It’s worth noting both execs dishing to the Independent actually worked at FOX years ago –Dan Cooper helped launch the network in 1996 — and it certainly doesn’t sound like they’ve seen the inside of FOX HQ in many years.

That said, FOX News’ PR team is legendary.  Another word for that is infamous.  They are, essentially, a political opposition research team except they consider their political opposition other cable networks, and/or other cable anchors, and/or people within their own company they are not happy with.  And one frequently hears rumours of their ‘war room’ (or feels the effects, depending!).     

They also keep a strangle-hold on their employee’s public activities, which is one the reasons for Glenn Beck’s departure from the network — he operated outside their boundaries.  So the idea that they have

As for spying on their employees, the nature of the corporate office is such these days that many companies have a “no expectation of privacy” policy rules allowing them to monitor employees activities on the Internet (hence the NSFW tag).

That FOX would keep a sharp eye on its employees not only doesn’t differentiate them from any number of large corporations in this country, it’s not actually illegal.

However, this line stretches the bounds of belief. “There is a unit of spies that reports up to the boss about who was talking to whom. A lot of people are scared that they’re going to get sidelined or even that they’re going to get killed.

While it would certainly make the basis for a fun action film (Roger’s Angels!) I’m pretty confident FOX’s PR hasn’t actually assassinated anyone.  Dude probably needs to stop watching so much FOX.

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