Fox News segment questions Obama's relationship with Christianity

AP895995101611AP/Evan VucciPresident Barack Obama bows his head towards the Dalai Lama as he was recognised during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

President Barack Obama’s religion was the subject of a heated Fox News segment on Wednesday.

A Fox News host began the discussion by saying Obama raised “a few eyebrows” the day before when he briefly panned “less-than-loving expressions by Christians” during an Easter prayer breakfast. 

The segment — titled online as, “Is Obama trying to have it both ways on Christianity?” — featured a debate between Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky and conservative radio host Kevin Jackson. The latter was particularly critical of Obama.

“Barack Obama is constantly decrying Christianity as he proclaims his Christianity. Which is it?” Jackson asked. 

Jackson connected the issue to last week’s terror attack against Garissa University College in Kenya, which he called Obama’s “home country.” 

“On the day that he was doing that, 147 Christians were killed in his home country. So what is he talking about? Look, the level of dichotomy with this guy, talking out of both sides of an issue, but never, ever mentioning the nature of Islam, but constantly telling Christians how bad we are,” he continued.

Jackson was interrupted with requests to clarify the “home country” claim. He walked it back.

“The point is where he supposedly has origins, has roots. I’m not trying to say he’s not American,” Jackson said.

Watch the full segment below:



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