Massive, 30+ Million National Audience Watched Obama's Tucson Memorial Address


Here’s another reason people keep talking about Obama‘s memorial address in Tucson: everyone watched it.

His address aired live last Wednesday night on seven networks, and pulled in 30,773,369 viewers, according to Nielsen.

To put this in context of other presidential addresses (generally huge audiences draws), the Tucson memorial address garnered a slightly larger audience than Obama’s address on the Iraq War (which had 29,232,689 viewers) but a slightly smaller audience than his address on the Gulf Oil Spill (32,051,887 viewers).

Among the cable channels, Fox News came out on top, with 3,800,000 viewers for the segment, anchored by Bret Baier.

Next was CNN, with a whopping (for them anyway) 2,273,000 viewers (with Wolf Blitzer as anchor), followed by MSNBC, which had 2,146,000 viewers tuning in to watch Keith Olbermann anchoring.

But Olbermann was far from the biggest ratings loser of the night — his special edition of Countdown at 11pm later that night beat both Fox News and CNN later for that time slot (though, worth noting, both CNN and Fox News only aired a replay of the Tucson memorial.)

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