FOX News Hacked, Says President Obama Shot And Killed

obama, cnbc, june 2011

One of the Twitter accounts of FOX News was hacked around 2AM ET and sent out repeated tweets that President Obama had been assassinated.

The reports were retweeted thousands of times.

As of 6:30 AM ET, the tweets were still live on @foxnewspolitics, one of FOX’s Twitter accounts.

FOX was hacked by a person or group calling itself “The Script Kiddies.”

In an amusing aside, Keith Olbermann was woken up around 5am to pursue the news. He spent more than an hour personally refuting it, often in replies to individual Twitter users, then went back to sleep.

Then came the first report, around 2AM ET

Specific credibility-building details...

And then the commentary...

A more official-looking report...

And, finally, a less politically-correct message

Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann is woken up to pursue the news. He's not fooled...

He replies to a few erroneous retweets, then says absolves FOX from blame and says he's going back to bed

But people keep repeating the fake news! He replies directly to many of them...

Then again tells his 302,601 followers that the President is fine.

The first FOX-was-hacked stories appear around 4AM...

Keith takes a few last shots at those who are apparently upset at the reality that the President has not been shot

And then goes back to bed.

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