FOX News Is Concerned Norway Shooter May Be Sent To Prison In 'Heaven'

fox norway prison

The Norwegians have a very different idea of prison than Americans. 

Because Norway doesn’t have the death penalty, and their maximum sentence is only 21 years (their annual murder rate is 40) their prison system is geared toward rehabilitation. 

Meaning their prisons aren’t quite the hellish experience ours are.

Here’s a description of Norway’s newest prison.

Its living quarters are bright and airy, with mint-green walls and IKEA-style furniture in varnished natural wood. Looking more like a college dorm than a maximum-security jail, each cell comes with a flat-screen TV, a private bath, and a large unbarred window. Inmates take cooking classes and work out with personal trainers; there’s a deluxe gym with a rock-climbing wall as well as a professional music studio for prisoners’ bands. Half the guards are women, which prison governor Are Hoidal says creates a less aggressive atmosphere. For the same reason, the guards don’t carry weapons and freely mingle with the inmates.

Or, in the words of Fox ‘heavenly.’  (Not to confused with a prison in heaven, which is what I took the chyron to mean on first glance). 


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