Fox News launched its new primetime slogan, ‘Standing Up For What’s Right,’ soon after Trump stepped up his war with the network

Fox News’ new primetime slogan appears on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Fox News/YouTube/Business Insider
  • Fox News’ defiant new primetime slogan is “Standing Up For What’s Right.”
  • The change comes as President Donald Trump continues to unleash fury at the network, which he sees as insufficiently loyal.
  • Fox called the presidential election for Joe Biden, and has at times pushed back hard against the Trump campaign’s baseless claims of election fraud.
  • Meanwhile more sympathetic rivals, like as One America News and Newsmax, surged in popularity, with Newsmax’s CEO saying he would be willing to offer Trump a show.
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Fox News has updated its primetime slogan to read “Standing Up For What’s Right,” an apparent act of defiance in its ongoing feud with President Donald Trump.

The new slogan appears on primetime chyrons, and comes soon after Trump went on a retweet spree against the network, making sure his 89 million followers saw the statement “#foxnews is dead.”

Trump’s campaign was furious when the network accurately called Biden’s win in Arizona long before other networks did.

Although Fox News’ straight-news election reporters have largely pushed back against his claims of election fraud in their coverage, its primetime opinion hosts have fuelled them.

Given that the slogan mainly goes with their shows, there is some ambiguity as to what is meant by the “what’s right” of the slogan.

For a long time Trump’s favourite network, Fox News has in recent years been replaced in his affections by more straightforwardly supportive networks such as One America News (OAN) and Newsmax.

In a likely reference to his own power to draw ratings, Trump tweeted that the network “forgot the Golden Goose.”^tfw

Newsmax has had no hesitation in backing up the president’s election claims. “This is not over. Ignore what the mainstream media is telling you right now,” CNN reported its 7pm host Greg Kelly as saying on Monday.

Fox News still continues to dominate primetime cable ratings, with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaging 5.36 million viewers in October, according to Deadline.

While Newsmax’s TV ratings don’t reach that level, Axios reported its popularity has surged online to recently overtake Breitbart as the most-viewed right-wing news website.

Points during the election period — during which Newsmax also took time to bash Fox News — have seen a seven-fold increase in its viewership, CNN reported.

And it appears to want to bring Trump into the fold — its CEO Chris Ruddy said that he would be willing to offer Trump his own weekly show.

Citing its ratings, a Fox News spokesperson told Business Insider on November 12: “Since Memorial Day, Fox News Channel has been the highest rated network in all of television for primetime viewers.”