Fox News Has Launched A Lifestyle Magazine, And It's Terrible

fox news mag

Photo: Fox News Magazine

Fox News launched an online lifestyle magazine for women on Monday and we’re completely mystified by it.Called Fox News Magazine, it’s a combination of health, style and relationship-related tips and listicles.

We just spent several minutes in the office debating whether or not the magazine was real, considering that there are articles on the site such as “Cuter Than A Lawnmower,” and “How To Get Rid Of Your Dreaded Turkey Neck.” We only concluded it was after finding the site’s Facebook launch announcement and seeing its URL.

Most of the articles on the site are vapid and seem to be written for women who are either starving themselves down to a size 0 or going on their first date–ever.

But the absolute worst one has got to be “10 Pranks That Will Spice Up Your Relationship.” We won’t ruin the whole list for you, but one involves refilling a Gatorade bottle with water and a drop of food colouring . Another is a brilliant twist on the old “kick me” post-it.

The big winner? “Superglue a coin to the floor and watch as he scratches away to pick it up.”

A five-year-old would hate you forever if you tried any one of these pranks on him. So go ahead and try one on your boyfriend tonight, and then give a shout over to Fox News Magazine when he goes running away screaming.

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