Diner Triples Business With Offensive “English Only” Sign

Diner Menu

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallumGreg Simons, owner of Reedy Creek Family Diner, explained that it all started in February when he became frustrated by “several Latino customers…that were unable to speak English or read English.” Naturally, he amended his menu to fit his diverse clientele…but making it bilingual was not what he had in mind.

Simons made a sign that read, “No English, No Service,” which he says, “had nothing to do with ethicticity [sic]…it was a communication problem.” Right.

In addition to having “no problems, no worries” from the sign, Simons says business has tripled. He’s also made close to 2,000 copies of the sign for fans who want one of there own.

Equally, er, amazing…the look on MacCallum’s, face which remains impressively frozen between stunned and disgusted.  Video below.