Fox News: Employment Agency For Controversial, Out Of Work Figures?


One might argue they simply understand the Zeitgeist better — and their ratings would back that up. 

That said, with the recent notable exception of Christine O’Donnell this generally holds true.  Side note: WaPo notes the exception of Rich Sanchez, which is a bit of a strange one since conservative is not a label one would immediately think to pin on him. From WaPo:

There’s a thread running through all these personnel decisions: McKelway, Dobbs, Williams and Imus all were controversial media figures. In each case, they ran afoul primarily of liberals who objected to something (and in some cases, a lot of things) they said. Dobbs, for example, was a liberal bete noir for his nightly criticism of federal immigration policy and illegal immigrants on his CNN show; he also kept alive questions about President Obama’s birth certificate long after the issue had been discredited.

By hiring each one at or near the peak of their notoriety, Fox chief Roger Ailes “is being opportunistic,” says Andrew Tyndall, who writes a newsletter, the Tyndall Report.

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