Fox News Blames Obama's National Security Advisor For White House Leaks

The Justice Department hasn’t even begun it’s investigation into possible national security leaks by the Obama administration, but Fox News already has a suspect in mind: National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

Talking Points Memo alerts us to Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade’s interview with Sen. Saxby Chambliss this morning, in which Kilmeade gets right to the chase: “Senator, do you think it was Tom Donilon?” 

Chambliss steered clear of answering the question.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TPM: 

Fox contributor Pat Caddell also seemed pretty certain in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show earlier this week.

I’ll make news — the culprit is clear. It’s Tom Donilon, the National Security adviser,” Caddell said, adding: “I didn’t say I definitively know, I said definitively who it was.” 

Watch the video below:

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