FOX Needs To End Its Fight With Cablevision Right Now

News Corp vs. Cablevision

It doesn’t matter which side you agree with or who is really to blame for the News Corp.-Cablevision kerfuffle—FOX’s parent company needs to give in and get their channel back on three million tri-state television as soon as possible.

They may look weak by backing down and it does no one any favours to make Cablevision head James Dolan look like a hero, but if the World Series isn’t on TV at 7:50 ET tonight, there’s going to be a lot of angry customers—and they’re going to be angry at FOX.

Why? Because when they tune into their favourite shows, viewers get a steady stream of Cablevision propaganda, making a pretty convincing case for FOX being greedy, stubborn, mean, and evil. What they aren’t seeing is FOX’s ham-fisted internet response.

FOX has already lost the PR war. No one wants to hear about billionaires fighting over money. They want to watch baseball and News Corp. is clearly withholding it on purpose.

So why not put the World Series back on while you continue negotiations? The network immediately become the magnanimous hero, sports fans are happy, and everyone goes back to hating the cable company like they always do.

Otherwise fans learn to love baseball without FOX and Joe Buck’s voice droning over it. That won’t take long.

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