If This Is How FOX News Is Going To Cover The Murdoch Phone-Hacking Scandal They Should Go Back To Ignoring It

From this morning’s Fox & Friends.  Naturally.

As much as Jon Stewart loves to take shots at everyone on FOX, the truth is it’s really their insidious morning show that makes up much of what’s wrong at the network.  The show is basically a caricature of the network…except not funny.

So this ‘report’ from Steve Doocey regarding the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal should not come as too much of a surprise.

And while FOX has upped its news reports on the hacking scandal after barely mentioning it in the days following News of the World’s closure, the opinion hosts that make up much of the network’s line-up have thus far stayed away. 

But not Steve Doocey! 

Doocey and his guest grudgingly admit there is indeed a hacking problem at News Corp but that the bigger issue is the hacking problem across the country.  Moreover, the media should stop “piling on” and “move on.”

“It’s like aliens landed in New Jersey…again.”  Indeed.

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