Fox Demands Simpsons Animators Work Faster

Unrest is growing among Simpsons animators, who are being forced to work faster to produce more episodes. The animators may be taking the hit from the raises Fox recently doled out to the show’s cast members.

Animation Guild Blog: At Starz Media/Film Roman, most (but not all) of The Simpsons crew is back in place, but the mood is not … ah … sunshiny. The pressure to produce new episodes better, faster, cheaper is unrelenting. [One employee reports:]

“Fox and Gracie are demanding faster work on shows, and I don’t know how much quicker we can work” …

“They’re paying the actors and writers so much, that I guess they’ve decided the place to squeeze budgets is us.” …

“We used to put extra things into the work, trying to make it better. But now there’s just no time. We’ve got to just shovel the stuff out, getting it off our desks. The shows get more complicated and the schedules don’t get longer.” …

And without making vast, sweeping judgments, what I’ll say about The Simpsons unit at Film Roman is, people who never complain to me are now coming up and complaining to me.

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