FOX Business Network Has Become Unwatchable

If Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes are self-Googling this afternoon, please consider my advice: time for a narrative “refresh” over at FOX Business Network.

When the network launched, I was secretly thrilled: a second major financial news network on cable? Awesome. (I suppose third if you count Bloomberg, right? Maths was never my specialty.)

FOX Business would be the Pepsi to CNBC’s Coke, I thought. A refreshing alternative, another set of views.

This turned out to be wishful thinking.

The network is a morality/propaganda network. Some propaganda is fine, but FOX Business should include at least some “business” stories. 

Instead it’s all tedious personal finance Captain Obvious segments and angry anti-government rants. 

Actual segments featured on FOX Business’ video portal this afternoon:

“The Morality of Entitlements.”

“Unions Cut Donations To Democrats.”

“Why Netanyahu Gets It.”

“Is More Government The Answer?”

Come on, guys. At least throw in a “token” investing or chartist segment to appease me.

— Provided by Outlaw