Fox Business Finds Conflicted "Online Shopper"

Perhaps you’ve heard: Today is “Cyber Monday,” when retailers court some 71 million online shoppers. Upstart Fox Business was all over the story, which can only be properly told by finding a real-life man on the street and asking him about his online shopping plans.

Fox dispatched a reporter to an ESPN Zone in Washington, DC, where they were lucky to find “online shopper” Peter Perweiler, who did indeed have big online shopping plans. “I’m looking at some big-ticket items this year,” he said, “so I really want to know what other people – problems they’re having with items, things of that nature.”

Good to know. What would also have been good to know: Peter is also the marketing manager at the National Retail Federation.

UPDATE: The National Retail Federation explains how Peter ended up on camera. The short version: Blame Fox.

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