FOX Anchor Who Covered NDAA And Occupy Wall Street Loses His Show

It was announced earlier in the week that FOX Business Network has canceled Freedom Watch, the popular show anchored by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The show also enjoyed a fiercely loyal online following, which no doubt helped draw a young and affluent demographic away from their computer screens and to FBN. (See my full videocast on this below, plus one of Napolitano’s most recent broadcasts.)

Napolitano will remain with the network in other capacities, although without a show of his own and a dedicated time slot, it is almost certain we will see less of him from now on. I’d also speculate he has a non-disparagement clause in his contract with FOX, which would explain why he has been such a saint and gentleman about all this, when most people would be going for the network’s jugular. He even posted to his official Facebook, asking his fans to tone down the “email traffic to Fox” regarding his show cancellation.

Now, can I say with 100% certainty that he was canceled because he shined a constant, bright, undeniable light on “uncomfortable” issues such as Congressional corruption, increasingly powerful Occupy protests, economic unrest, the NDAA, and the dangerous rollback of our civil rights since 9/11?

No, of course not — I don’t work at FOX, and I have no idea what went through their minds when they pulled the plug on Freedom Watch.

But the fact remains: there is now not even ONE anchor in the United States, on a major network, routinely covering the NDAA’s imprisonment without trial provisions and the Obama administration’s never-ending attack on American citizens’ core civil liberties.

I find that disturbing.

Most of today’s anchors are little more than attractive teleprompter readers.

David’s video commentary:

A recent Judge Napolitano/Freedom Watch segment:

Current TV’s Cenk Uygur explores the sickening lack of mainstream coverage of NDAA:

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