Fox 5: ‘Greg Kelly Has Requested Some Time Off’ Amidst Rape Allegations


(Kelly on right)

Lew Leone, vice president and general manager of WNYW-FOX 5, tells Business Inisder that amidst allegations of rape and rumours of impregnation, “Good Day New York” co-host “Greg Kelly has requested some time off.”

News broke Thursday that a 30-something Manhattan woman alleged the TV host, and NYPD commisioner’s son, sexually assaulted her in her office after the two had drinks together.

And according to, the accuser says she got pregnant from the alleged October 8 assault.Months after the initial incident, the woman told police she was “nearly passed out” and “incapacitated” when the assault occurred and later called Kelly demanding to know “what did you do to me?”

Kelly’s lawyers still deny the claims but even New York reporter/author Paula Froelich is getting in on the action, tweeting this afternoon, “Greg Kelly got me banned from Fox 5 local cple of years ago. there is a clip somewhere of me saying live on air: “ARE YOU HITTING ON ME?!?”

And so they begin to come out of the woodwork.