Fourth Qantas Flight Turned Around In 48 Hours

Photo: Getty Images.

Another Qantas flight – the fourth in the last 48 hours – was turned around last night and sent back to Hobart after the captain noticed a minor system problem.

The aircraft was about 20 minutes into its journey from the Tasmanian capital to Melbourne when the pilot noticed an indicator light aboard the Boeing 717 had failed.

The plane flew back to Hobart, landed safely, was assessed by engineers and the minor fault was fixed.

Australia’s national carrier has suffered an unfortunate series of events since Monday when Flight QF2 made an emergency descent and was diverted to Perth.

Two other aircraft completed unscheduled landings – a Qantas A380 flying from Sydney to Dallas and a Boeing 737-800 flying from Perth to Karratha which was sent back after a strong odour was detected onboard.

At a press conference in Brisbane yesterday Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said “there are thousands upon thousands of turn backs that happen every year”.

“The number of turn backs that happen on Qantas are a lot less than the industry average.”

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