Foursquare's Bravo Ad: Padma Likes It!

Bravo created their promotional TV ads for Foursquare as part of their new partnership with the mobile-social application.

In this 20-second video, Bravo characters like Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi and stylist Rachel Zoe flash across the screen. Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis chimes in, “Where are you going from here?”

An announcer rushes through instructions on how to download and use the application. Then viewers are directed at to Bravo’s own mobile site, which doesn’t have a link to download the Foursquare app yet.

An average Bravo viewer who isn’t familiar with the application probably needs more help understanding how Foursquare works.

But Foursquare gets a shoutout, screenshots of their application, and a splash of their logo on TV.

“Bravo wants you to connect with your friends on Foursquare,” according to the voiceover. “You’ll find your friends and the best Bravolebrity tips on where to go.”

We haven’t spotted the ad on-air yet but let us know if you do.

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