Foursquare Takes Its First Big Stab At Social Search

Foursquare explore

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A few months ago Foursquare launched Explore on its mobile app. Explore helps mobile users discover new places based on recommendations and check-ins from friends.Now Foursquare has launched Explore on its website so venues can be explored all the time from everywhere.

Explore is Foursquare’s first real stab at social search.  In not so many words, Foursquare says Google’s search results are too limited.

“Most real-world searches are one-size fits all. You search for pizza, and it gives you the same list of pizza places, whether you like deep dish or thin crust, whether you want a slice or a sit-down meal, or whether your friends would love it or hate it,” Foursquare writes on its blog.

Foursquare is solving the problem by using data from its 1.5 billion checkins, millions of tips and 500,000+ lists to personalise recommendations for its users. The results, its says are both personalised and specific.

Foursquare Explore lets users accurately search for adjectives, not just places and  things. Instead of just typing “pizza,” for example, you can type “thin crust.”   Or if you’re hunting for a dinner spot, you can type in “romantic.”

“The larger vision for foursquare is much much bigger – it’s about adding an ‘interesting’ layer to the whole world, tailored just for you. Today, we’re taking a big leap in that direction,” says Foursquare.