Take A Tour Of Foursquare, The Coolest Startup Office We've Ever Seen

Foursquare Office Tour

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Foursquare is one of the biggest, buzziest startups in New York. The location check-in mobile app was founded in 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai and it has raised more than $70 million to date.With 20 million users, 2.5 billion check-ins, and 5 million check-ins per day, Foursquare is one of the biggest mobile-first companies. We stopped by on Tuesday to interview Foursquare’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Rosenblatt, and take a tour of the new office.

Most of Foursquare’s 135 employees are located on the 10th floor of 568 Broadway, a building it shares with Equinox, Thrillist and ZocDoc.

The last time we were there was February to interview Crowley, and the team had just started moving into the space. Now it’s fully furnished and each room is decorated like a check-in. There’s a Swarm room that looks like a bee hive and an Herbivore room decked out with plants and earthy materials.

There are also gymnastics rings, a mini amphitheater, tons of games, gobs of food, picnic tables and weekly kegs.

If you like all that, you can go work there. Foursquare is currently hiring on both coasts.

Foursquare's New York Office is located on Broadway and Houston. In the heart of Soho.

From the moment you get off the elevator the space seems bright and airy.

The large space accommodates over 135 employees.

It has beautiful views of Manhattan.

Employees can even see the Freedom Tower in the distance as they work. Here's Jon Shea, a server engineer, working in solitude.

The conference rooms are all named after Foursquare badges.

Harry Heymann, Head of Engineering, works in the Brooklyn For Life room.

Where product sketches fill the wall.

This is Socialite.

Matthew Rathbone, a server engineer, video chats in Herbivore.

iPads hang on the walls displaying the company Google calendar, giving employees the ability to take it down and use it for video chats.

This is the Swarm conference room right after a product meeting. It's decorated like a beehive and honeycomb.

There is also a portal to the San Francisco office.

It gives both offices the sense of being in one location. Jon Shea has left his solitude and made his way back to his desk.

A photo of Justin Bieber is proudly displayed. It's founder Dennis Crowley's doppelganger.

This is the Vinyl conference room.

Naturally it displays an eclectic collection of vinyl.

From Radiohead ...

... to 3rd Bass.

Opposite the Vinyl conference room is an open common space that is flooded with sunlight. Next to it is the amphitheater, above it is a balcony. Foursquare has already started leasing some space on the floor above.

This coffee table in the shape of a Foursquare check-in symbol, sits in the centre.

It was used in a photo shoot for Fortune magazine in Times Square. Founder Dennis Crowley decided to keep it.

Next to it are these cool British style phone booths.

This is the interior.

The office has plenty of space for employee bikes ...

.... which is good, since many of them ride to work.

But the best part of the space is the cafe area, lovingly nicknamed Fat Denny's. Dennis often uses that hashtag when he's eating something unhealthy (#fatdenny)

At least once per week, the cafe is packed for a team meeting and the San Francisco team is video conferenced in. Here's CEO Dennis Crowley and General Manager, Evan Cohen, leading one.

Fat Denny's has a stocked pantry ...

With some cold cans of beer, which employee Zack Davenport, a communications designer, is helping himself to (it's after 5 PM)

But there's plenty of non-alcoholic options.

And there's also beer on tap.

Which changes every week.

And Zach is the guy who draws all the cool designs on the wall telling everyone what the beer of the week is.

The wall also has a list where employees can sign up for office hours with Crowley.

And there are also plenty of other after hours drinks. Some of the employees are really into mixology.

And the big picnic tables are great for large groups to enjoy those delicious cocktails.

Or for employees like Willa Kroll, Community Support Coordinator, and Nina Nirema, Community Support Intern, to get some work done.

The cafe offers no shortage of coffee options. The standard Keurig of course.

A fancy espresso machine

And another fancy espresso machine.

Games are also a big part of the office. The requisite startup ping pong table. Sajid Mehmood, a server engineer, and Coby Berman, a sales coordinator are battling it out.

But there's also shuffle board.

And darts.

And even an actual foursquare court. It's a little smaller than regulation size.

Back in the office some people are still working hard at their desks.

And the server engineering team has a meeting in the board room.

And the Marketing Team gets ready to leave for a company outing in Brooklyn.

We steal one last look at the fantastic view ...

... and head out.

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