Hey, Foursquare, Stop Auto-Tweeting Badges!

Foursquare had a busy weekend at South by Southwest, and the user base — new and old — is getting vocal about one particularly annoying feature.

Specifically, people are getting annoyed that Foursquare automatically sends Twitter alerts about the “badges” you’ve won — even if you tell Foursquare not to send your “check-ins” to Twitter.

This is a simple fix for Foursquare, and one we think it’ll make. And in reality, not a huge deal. But one of the costs of getting bigger and more popular.

(Update: Readers report that this is a setting you can turn on or off. It seems like it’s something many people don’t know about, and that it should default differently. Specifically, if you decide not to tweet a specific check-in, badges triggered by that check-in should not tweet, either. We’ve been using Foursquare on a near-daily basis for more than a year, and we had never heard of this setting. Moreover, it’s up to Foursquare to make its product work its best by default — not for its users to be embarrassed and to have to “figure it out.”)

Here’s NYT media reporter Brian Stelter complaining:

Stelter Foursquare tweet

Here’s GigaOM writer Mathew Ingram scoffing at Brian’s prize:

Ingram Foursquare tweet

Here’s Boston-based tech guy Sachin Agarwal complaining last night:

Sachin Foursquare tweet

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