Here’s Why It’s Still Smart To Work With Nokia

Foursquare Nokia ad

[credit provider=”Dan Frommer”]

Nokia is obviously in a tough spot in the smartphone industry, but it can still be helpful for small companies to work with them, if the economics work out. Take Foursquare, for example.

Not only is Nokia developing their Symbian apps for them — apps that Foursquare may not have made otherwise — but it is also promoting the Foursquare app and brand around the world in Nokia advertisements.

We spotted this one last week in tiny Tarifa, Spain, on vacation. But Foursquare mobile partnerships exec Holger Luedorf tells us that they are all over the place.

Luedorf says it’s hard to tell if the ads have helped grow Foursquare’s user base, but they definitely help generate brand awareness.

Of course, most startups won’t get this sort of treatment. There’s only one Foursquare, one Angry Birds, etc., and it helps to be a cool brand that bigger companies want to align themselves with.

But the point is that industry giants like Nokia and Microsoft, which are st rugging in mobile, still have a ton of cash to throw around at smaller companies.

So even if they aren’t as strategically important as developing for Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., it can be smart to work with them.

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