Foursquare Is Still More Popular Than Facebook Places – At Yankee Stadium, At Least

Dennis Crowley Wired

This morning, VC David Pakman tweeted out a stat suggesting Facebook Places had already soared past Foursquare in usage.

He wrote, “Last night at Yankee stadium: Facebook checkins – 740, Foursquare checkins – 136.”

Based on our analysis, David’s numbers are pretty far off.

He got his figures by looking at the number of checkins the two apps reported when a friend of his checked-in at the end of last night’s game. The problem with this methodology is that the two apps report these figures in very different ways. Foursquare shows the number of check-ins over the past three hours. Facebook shows the number of check-ins ever.

Foursquare tells us there were actually around 320 check-ins at the stadium around game time last night. Given that there have been five Yankee home games since Places launched, Facebook’s average clearly isn’t anywhere near that yet.

We fully expect that Facebook Places check-ins will surpass Foursquare check-ins before long. (For one thing, most Foursquare check-ins will probably also be Facebook Places check-ins in the not too distant future.) But we aren’t there yet.

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