Foursquare Is Poaching Talent Like Crazy From Google

dennis crowley web 2.0

Foursquare has hired at least 18 people with experience at Google for its New York office, according to LinkedIn.

18 of Foursquare’s 67-person (again, based on LinkedIn) staff based in New York — a little more than a quarter — have spent some time at tech supergiant Google, which has a huge office in New York. A big chunk of them came directly from Google, according to LinkedIn.

And that’s just a low-end number. A source close to the company said around a third of the company’s employees have experienced some time at Google. 

Also of concern for Google: Twitter and Facebook recently opened offices in New York. Some former Googlers in New York have told us they decided to move onto newer tech companies because they spent so long at Google already. That might not bode well for Google’s New York office, which is a huge selling point for techies interested in working in New York.