Round 1 To Foursquare: Facebook Is Scaling Back Its Places Check-Ins

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[credit provider=”Business Insider Illustration”]

Facebook just announced plans to abandon the “Places” feature inside its mobile application.Instead, location information will just become a standard part of mobile status updates.

This looks like a tacit admission that Foursquare is winning the check-in battle, after Facebook failed to crush the upstart despite an incredibly large mobile userbase.

What worked for Foursquare didn’t work for Facebook. Now Facebook will have to figure out its own way to get users sharing location data instead of copying Foursquare.

Meanwhile, Foursquare which is chugging along, rapidly rolling out new features like event checkins and lists, making the service more and more useful than just checking and telling your friends where you are.

So, round 1 to Foursquare. We’ll see what happens in round 2 as Facebook tries another tactic.