Hello! Foursquare Is Totally Surviving Facebook's Onslaught

OK, we admit it. When Facebook rolled out Places, a few of us at SAI thought Foursquare was going to be in trouble. Boy, were we wrong.

So far, Foursquare is totally handling the onslaught.

  • Since Facebook introduced Places, Foursquare registered over 1 million new accounts. (This weekend Foursquare announced that it had its 4 millionth sign up.)
  • As we pointed out two weeks ago, Foursquare checkins outnumber Facebook Places checkins by 5X.

What’s going on here?

  • Foursquare is the place for checkins. Facebook is not the place for checkins. It could be off putting to tell your distant cousins you’re at a bar. They might not care. Foursquare is built with the purpose of telling real friends what you’re up to. (Facebook’s new groups could change this, allowing you to tell just drinking buddies what you’re up to. But, that just complicates and segregates the experience. People don’t like complicated things.)
  • We haven’t seen Facebook pushing Places very hard. It wouldn’t be surprising to us if most Facebook users didn’t even know Places was something to do.
  • People don’t trust Facebook. Facebook already has SO MUCH data on us, why give it more?

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