The Fabulous Life Of Dennis Crowley, The Most Wanted Man In Silicon Valley

Dennis Crowley at Where 2.0Check-In On The Awesome Life Of Foursquare Founder Dennis Crowley →

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Dennis Crowley has it very, very good — and we can prove it.Dennis is the CEO and cofounder of Foursquare, a mobile “check-in” service that will cross the million user mark faster than Twitter did.

This popularity has led brand name venture capitalists (Khosla, Accel, and Andreessen Horowitz) to prepare to give Foursquare money at a super-high valuation ($80 million? $100 million?).

Over the past several days, Dennis has gone on a tour of Silicon Valley and Boston to meet some of these venture capitalists so eager to give him money. 

He’s taken in an NBA game from courtside. He has also:

  • Gotten his name on the scoreboard at Fenway Park
  • Dined at Silicon Valley’s best restaurants
  • Met with famous entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey
  • Partied till late
  • Dominated at Karaoke

We know, because as is only appropriate for the founder of Foursquare, Dennis posts everything he does online — to Facebook, to Foursquare, to Twitter, and to Flickr. Have a look below.

Check-In On The Awesome Life Of Foursquare Founder Dennis Crowley →

Dennis checks in from the JetBlue terminal at JFK

Landing around dinner time. It's time for tacos!

Time to hit the hotel bar, also known as dudesville.

The next morning, Dennis takes in a bit of local culture via the TV

Then he notices a little paper out of New York has written up his startup (again)

Dennis checks-in at a conference, Where 2.0…

He's there to give a talk

The talk goes well

Time to celebrate: KARAOKE PARTY

It's quite the party, apparently

Bright and early the next morning, Dennis heads over to Apple

Then Dennis heads toward the VC capital of the world, Palo Alto

There, he spots Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy. Dennis swoons. We wonder which VC's office they bumped into each other at…

Dennis swings by Stanford

Dennis passes a Tesla dealership on his way out of town, he muses about a test drive…

Tesla notices, offers him a test drive. Think that works for everybody?

The next morning, Dennis notices he's been noticed by a magazine back east

Then he heads to Facebook for lunch with Mark Zuckerberg, who presumably sung the praises of his investors at Accel

Remember that wish for a Tesla test-drive?

Wish fulfilled!

Dennis checks in at Twitter, tweets about it. Think Marc Andreessen, one of Twitter's investors, arranged the meeting?

Next Dennis meets with the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, at his new startup. Jack probably told Dennis how great it is to have Khosla Ventures partner Gideon Yu as a VC

Dennis makes some time for a ballgame. His seats are OK.

After the game, it's off to a bar!

After the bar its…more karaoke. Dennis is confident in his skillz.

Getting his fill of attention from VCs, Dennis flies away from San Francisco.

He lands in his hometown, Boston

LAST STOP: Dennis takes in a game at Fenway. It's not a normal game, it's the season opener against the Yanks. What's more…

…somebody very generous (Spark? Charles River Ventures?) buys Dennis a nice wet smooch on the jumbo-tron.

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