Foursquare Brings Its All-New Self To 1 Million Merchants And Launches 'Local Updates'

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Last month, Foursquare completely redesigned its app and check-in experience for customers.Today it is extending the all-new Foursquare experience to its (nearly) 1 million merchants.

Beginning at 3:00 EST today, Foursquare will begin rolling out a new feature called Local Updates. Local Updates will help lure loyal customers into their favourite stores.

Local Updates are status messages that appear in a Foursquare user’s activity feed. The updates can include a new deal or promotion, up to three pictures, and a text message from a merchant. They are only seen by current customers who have checked in to the store multiple times and are in its vicinity.

For example, if you’re in San Francisco, you’ll only see Local Updates for venues there. The more dense a population is, the more the location matters. New Yorkers won’t be seeing Local Updates in Brooklyn if they’re in Queens, for example.

Local Updates will only live in Google searches and user feeds. There won’t be any push notifications associated with them.

“A lot of businesses have chalk boards outside for new promotions. This is the digital equivalent of that,” says Foursquare product manager Noah Weiss.

Weiss tells us this feature has been under active development for the past year. Local Updates are free for merchants to create in Foursquare’s self-service tool.

Soon, Foursquare will be rolling out a feature that helps businesses lure new customers into their stores. It will also release some additional revenue-generating tools. Local Updates only alert current frequenters and they’re free for merchants to publish.

Currently Foursquare has more than 20 million users; they have produced more than 2 billion check-ins. Nearly 1 million merchants have claimed business listings on Foursquare.

Here’s what Local Updates look like:

foursquare local updates
local updates foursquare
foursquare local updates

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