Foursquare Adds Self-Serve Business Pages

dennis crowley bloomberg

[credit provider=”Bloomberg TV”]

Foursquare has announced that now business pages on the site are self-serve–any organisation can create them. Of note: brands sign up with their Twitter account, and they can share their tips and check-ins on Facebook and Twitter. The pages also allow for multiple account managers, which is useful for big organisations.

This is an obvious step for Foursquare to add more businesses to their platform, and potentially make money from them one day.

What’s striking is that this is only come now: the “3000-ish” brand pages on Foursquare now were all built by hand by the biz dev team.

It shows just how young Foursquare is and how fast they’re growing that they’re only getting around to this stuff now–and how much left they have to accomplish.

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