Foursquare Adds 5 Languages, Now At 2 Million Check-Ins Per Day

Dennis Crowley

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Foursquare has added 5 new languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese), co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley announced in a keynote at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. He also shared some of the location-based startup’s stats. The company how has 6.5 million users doing 2 million check-ins per day. Since inception Foursquare has had a whopping 420 million check-ins. Their growth during 2010 was 3400% (yes, that’s the right number of zeros).

Those are pretty impressive numbers from a company many people were writing off as dead when Facebook launched a competing product and which has zillions of other competitors, from scrappy startups to mighty Google.

(Via Mashable)