Four seriously cool 360-degree photos being used for virtual reality platform Oculus

Be there, in the moment. Photo: Tim P. Whitby/ Getty.

Getty Images has teamed up with virtual reality platform Oculus to create stunning 360 degree images of some of the world’s biggest events, from the Cannes Film Festival to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

While Getty has been capturing 360-degree imagery since 2012, it is the first time a user will be able to pan their way around a scene in any direction using the highly anticipated Oculus Rift, which launches next year.

“With Getty Images’ long standing passion and expertise for visual communications combined with Oculus’ market-leading technology, the experiences users are able to enjoy through the Oculus platform will continue to evolve and grow in a dynamic way,” Hugh Pinney, VP of editorial content for Getty Images said.

Now available to view via the Oculus 360 Photos app and the Gear VR Innovator Edition for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 series, here are some of the captivating Oculus images from Getty.

Monkey Forest, Indonesia.

Getty Images.

Old Town, Prague.

Getty Images.

Le Tour de France, France.

Getty Images.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil.

Getty Images.

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