People keep jumping into the pool in one of NYC's fanciest restaurants

Pools are generally for swimming unless they are inside one of New York City’s foremost culinary institutions.

In that case, they are generally for admiring.

But that has not been the case at The Four Seasons Restaurant, which will close at the end of this week. According to the New York Post, patrons keep jumping into the pool in the restaurants second dining room, The Pool Room.

Swimmers include celebrity chefs Thomas Keller, Michael White, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who were cooking a benefit for the City Meals on Wheels. The chefs were joined by a bunch of bros.

Chef White, of Marea and Vaucluse restaurant fame, got the moment on his instagram account. He’s in the pool with his fellow chefs and Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini.

Now to be fair, Niccolini told us earlier this month that back in the wild days of the 1980s, people used to get crazy and jump into the pool now and again. So this seems only fitting now that we’re in the final days of the restaurant’s life in the Seagram’s Building, where it has been open since the 1950s.

Co-owners Niccolini and Alex von Bidder plan to open another location down the street. They have to move because Seagram’s Building owner Aby Rosen jacked up their rent.

Rosen is not amused about this pool stuff either, by the way. He took a picture of some swimmers on his own instagram and captioned the photo, “Friday night, Disgrace and no respect from the tenant leaving.”

Fine. But that leaves us with one question: Aby, why do you hate fun?

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