Four Rules For Selling Ads Against Web Video


After a Q1 that didn’t “fall of a cliff,” Web TV startup Revision3 expects to reach profitablility sometime during this year’s fourth quarter, CEO Jim Louderback told us when he visited our offices last week. He says they’ll get there selling sponsorships at an $80 CPM, pre-rolls at a $35 CPM.

We asked him how, and he shared four pointers for selling ads againts Web video:

  • Relationships are just as important as content. OK, so you’re a Web startup, but don’t just IM and Twitter at potential clients. “You know what? Show up. Buy them dinner. Face to face still counts.”
  • Build your own audience first, then build out distribution. A core you can fall back on helps sell pre-rolls and overlays when the big sponsorships don’t come through. “Super-serve” that core audience the way Revisione3 hits the 18-35 male demo with all its shows.
  • Use conservative metrics. YouTube calls 3 seconds of a video played a “view.” You shouldn’t. For Revision3 a “view” is only a view when the whole video gets watched. This builds trust with advertisers.
  • Video’s biggest advantage is that people sit and watch it. So sell your advertisers on engagement. Revision3 loves to tell its advertisers about its 100 million minutes of engagement per month.

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