Four Questions Erin Burnett Should Ask Jamie Dimon


Any minute now CNBC’s Erin Burnett is going to interview Jamie Dimon at a Yale business conference in midtown Manhattan. We’ve got four questions we’d like to see her ask.

1. Why won’t all classes of debt go the way of mortgages? Credit card debt, student loans, small business loans all seem to be ramping up for more defaults. Should JP Morgan Chase investors get ready for another round of massive write-downs?

2. Did Dimon know that he was going to kill Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch when JP Morgan Chase put in the collateral calls against both banks in September? Who made the decision to require more collateral? Were officials at the Treasury and the Fed consulted before hand?

3. How does he respond to charges from Citi executives that JP Morgan Chase is just as financially shaky as Ctigiroup?

4. How many names have been added to the list Dimon keeps in his pocket for who owes him favours and who he owes favours? Who’s on the top of the list?