How Apple Could Make The Next iPhone With A Much Bigger Screen

We’re only about halfway through the iPhone 4S’s lifecycle, but speculation about what’s in store for the sixth-generation model is already starting to heat up.

The latest comes from a very detailed post by a reader on The Verge. The author says it’s possible for Apple to increase the iPhone’s screen size to just under four inches without increasing the device’s overall footprint. (The iPhone’s screen has been 3.5 inches since day one.)

That means the display’s aspect ratio will be slightly different. When held vertically, the screen would be a bit taller than the current iPhone’s, but just as wide. The taller screen would also allow for an extra row of apps on your home screen and make widescreen won’t require those annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the picture.

Here’s a concept of what the new screen could look like:

4 inch iphone screen concept

Photo: The Verge

Click here to read all the details on how Apple could pull off a 4-inch screen on the next iPhone.

By the way, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber weighed in on the issue too, hinting that the author of the post likely has good knowledge of Apple’s plans for a 4-inch iPhone.

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