Four Firefighters Killed While Battling 5-Alarm Fire At Houston Motel

Reuters Fire Houston

Four firefighters died Friday while battling a 5-alarm blaze in a motel  in Houston, KHOU Houston reports.

The search continues for any other persons in the rubble.

From KHOU Houston

In a heartwrenching scene, several firefighters gathered around a flag-draped casket in the middle of the burnt-out motel.

HFD Asst. Captain Rick Flanagan said this was the worst day of his life.

Six firefighters were rushed by ambulances to area hospitals, and at least one is in very critical condition.

The fire erupted shortly after noon and winds spread the flames quickly through the Southwest Inn motel near the Southwest Freeway, slowing traffic in both directions.

KHOU has more photos >

KHOU notes that it took more than three hours to bring the flames under control and by then the front sections of the large motel were gutted.

More to come as it becomes available.