Four feared dead after huge bushfire in southern WA

Four people are feared dead after 100km/h winds fanned a bushfire near Esperance in southern WA last night.

Police say they have had reports of multiple fatalities in fires at Salmon Gums, 100km north of Esperance, and Stockyard Creek, 25 kilometres from the town, ABC reports.

The deaths are so far unconfirmed as emergency services have been unable to get into the area.

Life-threatening fires are still burning in the area, which is some 700km south-east of Perth.

WA has just been through a spell of hot and dry weather which is expected to move across the continent in the coming days, bringing the first heatwave of the summer to the eastern states.

The WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services said this morning an emergency warning remained in place for the Stockyard Creek and Mullet Lakes in Merivale in the Shire of Esperance, and that the Salmon Gums warning also remained in effect, with a threat to lives and homes.

WAToday and PerthNow have updates, and there’s more information and the latest updates on the DFES Twitter account and its website.

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