Founder Says Most Millennials Have No Idea What To Do Unless They're Micromanaged

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Millennials can have a bad rap: They’re impatient, demanding, entitled and don’t seem to care too much for structure — or much of anything else except for themselves. Or that’s what the non-Millennials say anyway. 

Stepfan Jefferies, co-founder of uHAPS Media, says that Gen Y workers are “by far the hardest generation to manage” and calls it “Zombieland” when his workers aren’t “handed an exact list of to-dos and goals.”

Jefferies’ company employs more than 200 Gen Y workers in 120 markets around the country. He tells us that although some Millennials don’t need to be micromanaged, the majority of them do.

“What we really see is that most of these folks have never been told ‘no’ or encountered a problem, so the first problem they deal with in business is a catastrophe.”

“Ever since this particular generation were children, they were given a road map,” Jefferies tells us. “My son’s school schedule is planned to the minute, so what this means is that when they enter the workforce, if we don’t give them extremely specific or obvious direction, they will either sit idly, or they’ll do things with no common sense whatsoever.”

The co-founder explains that he only continues to employ Millennials because it’s the “nature of his business.”

“We need people who are part of the community. It’s a job for the highly energetic, not a job for the middle aged.” 

Jefferies doesn’t think all Millennials are horrible workers; in fact, he tells us the good ones are really good. But he also says that Gen Y “watch way too much reality television” and now “they all seem to think that they’re famous.”

“They are more focused on how they can advance themselves in life, not the group or the company.”

When we asked Jefferies what this generation can do better, he tells us that Millennials come up with great ideas, but don’t know how to execute them. 

He also advise all Millennials to focus on being on time and working on their people skills.

“If you can do these two things you can go a long way,” he says. 

UHAPS Media interviews approximately 2,000 workers annually — most of them are Gen Y-ers. 

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