Found: The Terror Plane Conspiracy Theory

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Terror Plane hatched a conspiracy theory. There are a lot of people who refuse to believe that demonstrations of incompetence in high places are not actually evidence of conspiracies. So the Bush administration’s bungling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster is evidence that the government hates black people, and the collapse of the banking system is a plot by Goldman Sachs to own all the money.

The Obama administration seems bent on doing everything it can to create the atmosphere for a new conspiracy theory about sending one of the president’s jets to buzz lower Manhattan. The idea was so incredibly stupid and the purpose of the mission–a photo op–so ridiculous that it is almost implausible. The refusal by Obama to fire the man who okayed the mission, Louis Caldera, only makes it more suspicious. And now the administration is keeping the photos that were taken during the flyby secret. It’s the perfect recipe for paranoia.

So what’s the conspiracy theory? Well, a couple were tried out early on. Something about hiding Obama’s birth certificate in the Statue of Liberty. Another thing about testing super-jet engines in Air Force One that could make it able to outrun a fighter jet. But neither of those really took.

The latest one seems ripe for explosive growth. It combines one of the most persistent conspiracy theories–the 9/11 truther notion that something other than an Islamic terrorist attack took down the World Trade centre. Part of this theory, which was obviously hatched by someone who has never flown a plane, is that planes cannot really be flown accurately enough to hit a skyscraper without help from a air control tower. Here’s how that allegedly fits into the Terror Plane incident (as put by one emailer):

The flyover was a re-eactment of 911. Whoever wanted to convince himself that it is impossible to aim a plane at a building from the sky without a control centre.

The question is who was responsible for 911. And now that Obama knows, will he live to tell?

This is, of course, complete nonsense. But it’s entertaining nonsense. And we think it’s what they might call a “green shoot” or a “mustard seed” on CNBC. You see, if we’re back to making up political conspiracy theories about 9/11, it might mean the financial panic has passed. We can afford to be silly again.

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