FOUND: Missing Chloe Campbell, 3, Turns Up Near Her Home In The Middle Of The Night

Three-year-old Chloe Campbell was reported missing from her Queensland home on Thursday. Image: Queensland Police.

Chloe Campbell, the three-year-old Queensland girl who went missing from her family home in the middle of the night two days ago has been found safe and reunited with her family.

Shortly after midnight she reappeared at the showgrounds in Childers where investigating police had set up a temporary base to investigate her disappearance. Police said she had “wandered home”, and suspect she may have been returned to the area by an abductor.

The area was immediately searched with police dogs.

Chloe was taken to Bundaberg hospital where she was reunited with her mother, Tammy O’Donnell. She spoke to the media afterwards and said: “(I’m) over the world; there is no other word to really describe how I’m feeling, just overjoyed.”

Inspector Kevin Gutteridge told the ABC: “It’s one of those dreams that came true.

“It’s the greatest possible outcome for everyone, and for her to be reunited with her mum in hospital this morning was absolutely incredible.”

Her parents spent time with her at the hospital this morning before returning home. Chloe will remain in hospital for tests. Investigators hope to speak to her today.

It’s reported she asked her mother when she would be able to return home.

Chloe was found 42 hours after being reported missing early on Thursday. She had fallen asleep in the lounge room with her two siblings, and it was discovered that the sliding window into the room had been left unlocked.

Inspector Kevin Gutteridge told the ABC officers found Chloe in the area near the home “quite randomly” while they were peforming crime scene duties nearby. She was crying for her mother.

“We have no idea as to how she came to be here. We are looking at every aspect of that and maintaining a very open mind,” he said.

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