Foul Play Suspected, Search Continues For Flight MH370

Rumours have begun to circulate about the missing Malaysia airlines flight after it emerged two men thought to have been on the flight had their passports stolen on separate occasions in Thailand.

The two Italian and Austrian men were unaware of the fraudulent activity until their names were listed as missing passengers in recent news reports.

Authorities are now investigating the possibility of foul play, including the possibility of a terror attack.

The flight en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur lost contact with air traffic authorities soon after take-off yesterday and has since disappeared.

Vietnamese authorities yesterday afternoon spotted two oil slicks off the southern coast country and believed to be “consistent with the kinds that would be produced by the two fuel tanks of a crashed jetliner.”

Malaysia Airlines initially reported seven Australians were on board, but the number was quickly revised to six. There were 239 passengers on board.

If worst outcome is true and all have perished, it will be the world’s worst air tragedy in a decade.

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